Rapids Camp | King Salmon, Alaska

This is daily fly-out fishing at its finest. Rapids Camp is located at the epicenter of the famous Bristol Bay “leopard” rainbow trout fishery, and right on the banks of the Naknek River. Lodge guests can simply walk from breakfast to a private dock where multiple boats and a fleet of planes are ready to shuffle anglers to a new river each day. This is the place and the way to access the most legendary rivers in Alaska, including the Naknek, Nushagak, Brooks, Battle, Moraine, Kvichak, American and Big Ku, among others. Your 30-plus-inch leopard rainbow swims here! Easy to reach from Anchorage.

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You can rack up big numbers during a week-long stay at Rapids Camp. The question isn’t how many fish you’ll catch. It’s more about how your arms and wrists hold up after fighting so many rainbows, char/dolly varden and salmon . . . and how much more tape you want to wrap around the line burns on your fingers! Bristol Bay is the land of plenty and you will catch plenty here.

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