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Tippets: Streamer Tactics, Flood Tide Redfish

In this article via the Flymen blog, Steve Dally outlines tactics and techniques for how to make a streamer swim convincingly in the water. “Targeting tailing redfish on flood tides, from Northern Florida all the way to North Carolina, is one of the most unique opportunities for fly anglers,” writes Owen Plair. Read more about flood tide redfish via...

"I Can See Clearly Now"

For most of my fish-addled life, a winter trip to Florida was a sanity-saving jump into summer for a week or so.  I made the jump to Florida the second week of March this year, but I landed into another version of winter. A cold north wind rattled the palmettos around the vacation condo, and I wore jeans, hiking boots and a down vest whenever I ventured...

Fly Fishing Jazz: Why “Improv” Lives in Louisiana

Those who have read what I’ve written about Louisiana—in either a “jazz” or fly fishing context—know that I am positively smitten with the sounds and casting adventures that were/are born on the bayou. Having just spent another week there, absorbing the unique music and fishing experiences, it struck me that my appreciation for this region is born...

New Orleans Preview

Waterline Media delivers wintertime footage of fly fishing for redfish and black drum in the marshes of Louisiana.

Red Zone: Louisiana Redfish

A MIKEY WIER film on fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana.