Photographer Clayton Stewart

Clayton Stewart

Clayton Stewart is a fourth generation Las Vegas native, and his journeys to fly fishing-friendly waters is a bit more arduous and planned out than friends who live a stone’s throw from the mountains. But he notes, “Distance only makes the heart grow fonder. My grandpa and uncle instructed me in the ways of fly fishing and fly tying in my youth. Like many, that first strike hit deep enough to keep me chasing it for the rest of my life.” He obtained a bachelors in fine art, studying primarily painting and photography, and has been a professional photographer for 4 years. “While I seek to make a name in the fly fishing photography world, I also know very well that I don’t know where the road of life will take me. I just know that whatever direction it does lead, I will always find a place where I can cast a fly to gently rolling speckled backs.”

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