Photographer Collin Carlson

Collin Carlson

Raised by his outdoorsman father, Collin was exposed to fly fishing at a young age. On foot or out of a kayak he learned western trout water first hand. “I always loved being by a creek or river from as far back as I can remember. My father never had to ask if I wanted to go fishing, he knew. We were both born trout junkies and that’s just how it was. He gave me my first vise before I was ten and it took me awhile but pretty soon I was tying renegades. About the same time I found an old Nikon FG in the basement and took it on a trip to Yellowstone, it was the first time I ever took photos of trout. I shot two rolls of some really nice cutty’s and I couldn’t wait to see them (you had to wait in those days). When I got the rolls back from processing every exposure was black. Next time out I made sure to take off the lens cap. I feed my sickness several times a week and hope I never find the cure.”

Collin Carlson: Father, Angler, Photographer, Writer, Beard Champion, & Fly tyer.

Education: PHD in Redneck Technologies and a Masters in Hair Farming.

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