Steve Woit

Steve Woit is the author of Fly Fishing Treasures, a book about collecting antique fly fishing tackle. He has been fly fishing for over 40 years and an avid collector of antique tackle for 30 years.  Steve has written a number of articles related to antique fly tackle collecting for magazines and journals such as Classic Angling, AntiqueWeek and the Yale Anglers’ Journal. For more information on “Fly Fishing Treasures” go to: www.flyfishingtreasures.com.

Author Articles

Why Collect Antique Fly Fishing Tackle?

You may have a friend who collects vintage or antique fly fishing tackle, and you may sometimes wonder about them. Or you may have collected a favorite rod, reel, or some flies over the years that you are particularly fond of. So, why do fly fishers collect all of this stuff? One reason is that fly fishing has more equipment associated with it than any...