Nick DelVecchio

Nick DelVecchio is the owner and head fishing guide at Wildwood Outfitters in Pennsylvania. His published works have appeared in The Drake and at wildwoodoutfitterspa.com.

Author Articles

Ultimate Scapegoat: the Net Man

Once while fishing the famous Taylor River with my friend Will, he hooked into a real dandy of a fish. We had been fishing in a popular spot called the Avalanche pool, notorious for big trout made fat from protein-rich mysis shrimp coming out of Taylor Reservoir. There hadn’t been much excitement prior to this fish, so when I heard Will say, "might need...


“Hi, I’m Nick, and I will be your fishing guide today. You guys ready to get out on the water or what?!” By now, my opening lines and go-to questions feel more like a robotic speech than conversation with human beings.  I am numb from the grind of guide trips and waders that never fully dry. My boxes look like a graveyard of what were once brimming...