Nick DelVecchio

Nick DelVecchio is the owner and head fishing guide at Wildwood Outfitters in Pennsylvania. His published works have appeared in The Drake and at

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Ultimate Scapegoat: the Net Man

Once while fishing the famous Taylor River with my friend Will, he hooked into a real dandy of a fish. We had been fishing in a popular spot called the Avalanche pool, notorious for big trout made fat from protein-rich mysis shrimp coming out of Taylor Reservoir. There hadn’t been much excitement prior to this fish, so when I heard Will say, "might need...


“Hi, I’m Nick, and I will be your fishing guide today. You guys ready to get out on the water or what?!” By now, my opening lines and go-to questions feel more like a robotic speech than conversation with human beings.  I am numb from the grind of guide trips and waders that never fully dry. My boxes look like a graveyard of what were once brimming...