Evelyn Spence

Evelyn Spence is the managing editor of Skiing Magazine in Boulder, Colorado.

Author Articles

"Damselfly Days"

WHEN RICHARD ROWE was 9 — in the summer of 1957, on holiday in New Zealand — everyone was staring at the sky. They couldn't help it. They were searching for a sign of Sputnik, necks cranked backward. But the young buck couldn't take his eyes off the B-52 bugs that were zipping around his parents' rented beach bungalow. "I was amazed by and frustrated...

Sheridan Anderson: Master of the Manifesto

FROM THE TOP BUNK of a bed, in the half-darkness of a tiny childhood nightlight, Sheridan Anderson hears his little brother, Mike, whisper up to him, “Tell me a story.” There’s an easel in the shadows. “Sherry” starts talking from an imagination somehow wider than the boundaries of a ten-year-old mind, spinning tales about characters from his...