Tippets: Obese Salmon, Tips for Sub-Surface Fishing, On Hauntings and Promises

November 17, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Humans aren’t the only species with obesity rates on the rise; salmon girths are growing too, satirizes The Onion. “According to sources, minimal efforts to maintain a healthy body weight and remain attractive to spawning female salmon, along with years of binge-eating and late-night snacking on crustaceans, have finally caught up with the portly fish.”
  • While surface flies and takes can be explosive and downright fun, below the surface is often more productive. Covering everything from line weight to dumbbell eye selection, Mike Conner has a recent article full of tips for more productive time on the water, for getting “down under.”
  • There are things in life that haunt—sometimes disappearing for a while, yet always coming back. That stray dog you can’t seem to lose. That knee you ruined in the army. But you deal with them, writes Jay Zimmerman; just as you do a promise to a friend of carp on a flat in mid-November, doing the best you can with what you are given at the time.