Tippets: Tying With a Glue Gun, Casting Brews, Protected Fish as Easy Targets

November 19, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Household materials can be very useful for fly tying, we all know, but one you might not yet have in your arsenal is a hot glue gun. Barry Ord Clarke shares some pattern ideas and helpful tips for incorporating this tool into your own tying sessions on his blog, The Feather Bender.
  • Lifelong fly fisher Jeremy Eubanks has recently opened up a new brewery: FlyCaster Brewing Company, in Bothell, Washington. Check out an interview with Eubanks as he talks everything from the business’s back-history to how he chooses names for his brews.
  • Established to protect, marine reserves also have the side effect of creating naïve fish, say state researchers in Australia. Often the fish, venturing out of the designated boundaries, fall easy prey to local anglers.