Podcast: Ten Novice Tips from Tom Rosenbauer

March 2, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Tom offers up ten practical tips for those new to fly fishing. The first two:
“1. When you’re stringing up your line, fold your line over double. (Don’t fold your leader over, just the thick part of your fly line.) Folding over your line and threading it through the guides is much easier than trying to poke that thin little end of leader through the guides. The other benefit is that if you get distracted or let go of the line, it doesn’t fall back through all those guides, but hangs in place.
2. Walking through brush with a fly rod. If you have a long way to walk through the woods, and you’re not following a path and it’s brushy, probably the best thing to do is not string up your rod until you get to your destination. Now, don’t do what my friend John Arlata does. We have a river that we fish every May, and we have to walk in quite a ways to get to this pool that we like. John never strings up his rod — which is smart — and twice now in the past five years he has lost a section of his four-piece rod….”