Carl Hiaasen Wins Islamorado Fall Fly for Fifth Time

September 23, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Zany. It’s a word that could describe almost any Carl Hiaasen character. It could also describe the level of skill required for a fly fishing team — that is, an angler and a guide — to win something as challenging as the Islamorada Fall Fly invitational Bonefish Tournament five times. Hiaasen and Klein caught three weight fish and counted eight more releases during the three-tournament, which ended Friday. Tim Mahaffey of Miami, guided by Capt. Duane Baker, was second, catching one weight fish of 11.5 pounds on day three and managing seven releases on days one and two. The largest bonefish — 12 pounds — was caught on the last day by Mark Richens, guided by Mark Cockerham.
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