Stripers in the Surf: Your Best Shot

April 21, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Fly Fishing for Striped Bass“IT IS FIRST LIGHT when you hit the beach — a thin rain drizzling through thick overcast. Third hour of the flood. Tide rising at its fastest rate. Surf bores two to three feet high stream in ragged lines toward the beach foreslope. The swash zone right at your feet is a caldron of turbulence. The sky teems with shorebirds of all sizes, tracking and diving into a profusion of mini-baitballs evenly distributed across and the surf zone.”
If you think it’s is too early to begin thinking about striper season, you’ve probably never witnessed a blitz off the New England coast or hooked a Sacramento River giant. This week you can read Rich Murphy’s tips for finding the sweet spot for striped bass in the surf on MidCurrent.