Fly Fishing Retailer Show, Part I

It didn’ take long after I walked in to the Denver Convention Center this morning to realize that there was way too much to see in only 3 days of meetings with manufacturers. I mean, let’s face it, we enjoy an sport that is blessed with lots of people who make stuff just because it’s fun. If you don’t like the way one excellent reel sounds while pulling drag, you have another dozen or so to pick from. And the rods…. well. let’s just say that whether or not the number of active fly fishers is growing slowlly, quickly, or not at all, rod designers haven’t lost their interest in improving on a good thing. Soft goods manufacturers have been incredibly busy flying down their own chosen tack on materials, assembly and functionality. Somehow they all seem to do cool things in different ways.
In short, the FFR show is a little over the top. Lucky us.

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