Fly Fishing Book Excerpt: LaFontaine's "Anticipating a Caddisfly Hatch"

November 19, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

Gary LaFontaine, who died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the age of 56 in 2002, wrote one of the few books that could be called “revolutionary” in the world of fly fishing. His Caddisflies brought science and art to the study of an important staple of the trout diet — an insect whose benign neglect in the literature had resulted in endless hours of frustration for many trout anglers.
If you didn’t know Gary LaFontaine, once you read his books you’ll wish you’d been given that chance. He had a way of writing about flies and entomology and tactics that was direct without being dry, lucid but packed with information. This week on MidCurrent you can read the first chapter of his great work on caddisflies, “Anticipating a Caddisfly Hatch.”