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Tying a Simple Snowshoe Emerger

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Matt Grobert ties a Simple Snowshoe Emerger on a size 20 #125 Dai-Riki emerger hook. The Snowshoe Emerger can be tied on sizes from 18-24 and can be used to imitate Blue-Winged Olives, midges, and any other small fly. “They’re easy to tie even in the smallest of sizes, use only two materials, and have proven themselves to be effective on the pickiest of trout.”

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  • Michael Stack

    Great bug! love the simplicity…K.I.S.S..extremely effective pattern. I would probably add a wire rib for durability though.

    • Tightline

      Wrapping the thread forward over the pheasant tail in an open spiral does precisely that. And, because of the wrapping order, that thread spiral is a true counter wrap. Pretty ingenious on Matt’s part. I think a wire rib might add unwanted weight.

  • stonybrooks

    Can’t wait to try this fly. Simplicity and style. Thanks for the idea and for the always clear tying instructions.

  • Robert Moore

    Great, easy to tie fly….thanks Matt………

    I plan on trying different colors of pheasant tail.

  • loghouseJD

    Your video instructions are world class.

  • John Clark

    I like it. Simplicity is always beautiful. CDC would make a great alternative wing but I wonder if possum or Antron would also be a possible substitute?

    • Tightline

      John, I’ve gotta ask, why the resistance to Snowshoe Rabbit? We’ve heard this not only from you but from many others as well, any time we post a pattern that uses it. Is it hard for you to get, too expensive, doesn’t work well for you? Any guidance would be most appreciated.

      • John Clark

        Yes we are in Australia and we don’t have snowshoe hare here. I’m not even sure if anyone is even importing it but no-one I know is using here, hence the query on suitable substitutes. I just checked online with the largest fly tying materials in our state and they don’t stock it. We could probably get it buying from USA direct but our quarantine could always seize it too so it would be a gamble.

        • kyle

          I am no expert, but I believe with small flies like this Ram/Sheep’s wool would probably work pretty well, though not as well. I have used it in a bind for tying Usuals with success when I run out of Snowshoe.

          • Tightline

            Great idea Kyle! I just tried it with New Zealand wool from the New Zealand Strike Indicator Company (floaty stuff). Although it passed the glass of water float test with flying colors, I haven’t given it a real on the water test yet. The wing doesn’t look quite as natural as it does with snowshoe, but I doubt fish will care. Thank you both Kyle and John for the replies and information.

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