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How to Tie the Evil Olive

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Evil Olive Fly PatternSays tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “The Evil Olive borrows elements from two of my favorite flies: Higa’s SOS and the W-D 40. Whether it’s a baetis imitation or simply an attractor pattern, I can’t really say, I just know it works.”

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  • rollcaster

    did you have any problems with leakage of the Bondic inside the package. This seems to be a constant them in reviews of the producy

    • Tightline

      No, not really, there is some minor wicking out of the nozzle but the design of the cap (it’s very clever how it seats and locks down into place) really keeps it to a minimum. A good wipe with a paper towel every now and again to clean up the nozzle is all that’s needed. Still putting it through its paces on the water in terms of durability but so far, so good.

      • rollcaster

        Thanks, I’ll give it a try. BTW, this is a really nice looking fly. The Higa SOS has been a real killer for me-It ALWAYS catches fish! Your videos are the best.