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Attaching Tippet Rings to Leaders

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates his foolproof method for attaching tippet rings to pre-packaged leaders and tippets.

“To add a tippet ring, go up about 2 feet from the very end of the tippet. On this 9′ 5X leader, at this point, the leader gauge indicates 8. This means it’s .008 inches or 8/1000th’s of an inch in diameter or what we commonly call 3X leader material.

Snip the leader at this point but keep that tippet that you snipped off. Get hold of your tippet rings and isolate the ring closest to the snap opening.”

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  • James Jones

    What knot did Tim use to tie on the tippet ring?

    • Tightline

      Uni knot. It is just what I am accustomed to and I use it/them for just about everything.

      • BobRFL

        Have used tippet rings for several years and always use a Davy knot. It is smaller and easier to tie on these small rings.

  • Serge

    Very nice video, I will try those tippet ring but I don’t understand why you measure the leader after cutting it. Is there different size of tippet ring?

    • Tightline

      Measuring simply lets you know how big the leader is at the point where you place the ring. In the video it was 3x, so, connecting 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x is OK. Tying on tippet that is heavier than the end of the leader, like 2x could cause problems.

      • Serge

        Oops. Replied on the wrong thread.

  • zedd

    I have never used tippet rings. Do they not weigh down a dry fly?

    • Tightline

      Not really. Smear a little floatant on the ring and it definitely will not.

      • zedd

        Thanks. I have started (after 35 years of fly fishing) to make my own handfurled leaders and learned many of these are attached to the tippet with a tippet ring. Great article. Thanks for the information.

        • Serge

          Make sense. Thanks.

  • Tim Nelson

    I love all you videos Tim. You must have kids or grandkids that watch some of the same crafting videos that my kids watch. 😉

  • garyyang

    May I ask what’s the main purpose of tippet ring?

    • Tightline

      To speed tippet changes and make your leader last longer.

      • And some people use them to create connection points for droppers.

  • Jon

    Tim, double over they tippet you’re discarding with the mono master. That way you only have to wind it 1/2 as many times, getting you fishing faster!

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  • Rick

    This is a pretty interesting. I have never tried or seen this before. Does the rings cause any additional hang ups in the water?

    Rick –