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Tim Romano

Fine arts photographer Tim Romano has conspired to convince his wife and family that in order to produce more and better work he must essentially tackle his vices head-on in the field of play. This hard-earned license to roam has led to assignments in Alaska, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Russia, Bahamas, Mexico, British Columbia, and extensively in the US. Tim is a frequent contributor to Field & Stream, and co-writes that magazine’s fly fishing blog, “” He is also the managing editor of Angling Trade Magazine (the business publication for the Fly Fishing Industry), a contributing editor for MidCurrent, as well a Photo emeritus of the highly regarded publication The Fly Fish Journal. His artwork is part of the permanent collections at Lake Forest College, Photo Americas Portland, Instituto de Artes de Medellin, Colombia, and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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  • Doyle Caviness

    I am always excited to find MidCurrent in my email inbox and enjoy most all of what is offered. Especially Tim Flagler’s excellent fly tying videos and the photography and art work. But I feel I must comment on the photo posted on today’s 9/14/11 photo on the lead page. I mean really! A man squatting in the stream holding an average fish. The squatting posture leads the eye right to the crotch area and it’s not interesting or pretty. I’m sure that Mr. Romano is an excellent photographer and has many accomplishments to back that up. Certainly there are more photos to choose from that would be a better pick. Just my opinion which, with a buck seventy five will buy you a decent cup of coffee. Thanks for a great puplication and please keep it coming.

    Best regards,

    Doyle Caviness

  • Aldo Orlando, ITALY

    I really enjoy the work of Tim Romano. The magic of fishing is NOT ONLY fishing: light, environment, friends, emotions, travels near and far… How rich we are, fellows fishermen!

  • Gofishinor


  • DT

    Ummm, the guys crotch definitely wasn’t the first thing I noticed.  And if that is considered an average fish you must be awesome…..

  • Shepherdjohn283

    the more i see of Mid Current  the better and happyer i become may you last for ever
           john shepherd   Wales  UK

  • Jgremmer

    Wonderfully creative images showing the joy of fly fishing!