The "Startling" New Waterbuoy

OK, maybe not “startling.” But watch the video and you’ll see what looks like a orbital escape device bringing a set of keys back to the surface in the demo for Waterbuoy, a new “Intelligent Miniature Floatation Device” being sold at While at first I chuckled at the notion of paying for more than the standard “traffic cone” to be sure my keys wouldn’t be swallowed by the ocean, it made me think about what I might be getting for $9.99. This thing can bring an object that weighs one kilogram (2.2 pounds) — e.g. most point-and-shoot cameras — back to the surface, not to mention keep it afloat and illuminated for 24 hours. So I’m thinking, “Do I really mind spending $5 more for something that might enable me to rescue my $300 waterproof Optio W80 or VHF handheld from the drink?”

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  • good gadget find, marshall!

  • I saw a demo of this at a boat show in downtown Tampa, got a few for myself and a bud. What I didn’t realize was how heavy 2.2 pounds was. Besides expensive electronics as you mention, I realized that when I pass my high tech rod and reel to a buddy’s girlfriend, and she freaks out and drops the whole set in the lake, I’ll still be able to get to it without having to don my scuba gear. More expensive than a cork but not bad for a little insurance plan.

  • Dave

    Yup, these are cool gadgets alright. You can attach it to anything, a cork won’t save your GPS device like this will. Fortunately, I have not had to use it yet, but at least I know if I do, I can be guaranteed to get my stuff back. Although, I found another much more fun use for them. I bought a few for a pool party I threw. It was fantastic, I just threw two of them into the pool attached to a couple of small weights, they popped up, flashing and bobbing around the pool all night. Very cool.