Montana Fly Shop Owner Dies in Rafting Accident

Dick Galli, master rod builder and owner of Montana Flyfishing Center in Hamilton, Montana, died Wednesday when his raft overturned after hitting a brush pile on the Bitterroot River. Perry Backus and Will Moss write about the incident in today’s Missoulian.

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  • Phil Monahan

    That’s eerily reminiscent of this story from last June:
    I’ve never floated the Bitterroot, but it has claimed the lives of two professional rivermen in the last year, which certainly gives one pause.

  • Marshall Cutchin

    It certainly underscores the lesson about being careful of sweepers and submerged obstacles on a river.

  • Walwyn Trezise

    This is a meaningless loss and a dreadful way to go. I took a grandson canoeing with his mother on the Manastee below Smith’s Landing when he was two. We put in early on a beautiful Summer’s day. Sometime in mid-afternoon, we rounded a tight bend and ran broadside into a submerged pine tree on what proved to be a very deep “S” curve. We went over very suddenly in spring fed water. My grandson is now 24 and a marine. I give thanks regularly to the Stearns Corporation of Little Falls, Minnesota for the design and manufacture of the pfd that brought my grandson’s head to the surface and held him up like a cork until we could recover our wits and get him to the bank. I notice that flyfisherman seem to treat pfd’s as a curse. I don’t know if Dick was wearing one or not, when he died. But the average flow of the Big Manastee in that area is only about 3-4 miles an hour. We need to respect our wilderness and their waters. Floatation and water safety are not the marks of unmanliness nor are todays water safety products encumbering or restrictive. What little inconveniences safety may require are not wasted during a lifetime. Walwyn Trezise, Dubois, Wyoming.