Grosvenor Lodge | Katmai National Park, Alaska

Want your own piece of Alaska for a week, with two gorgeous lakes and one of the most impressive trout streams on the planet in your backyard? If so, Grosvenor is the place to be. Grosvenor is, in fact, the only lodge located on either Grosvenor or Coville lakes and is the only operation that accesses legendary American Creek without a plane—when other lodges are grounded by weather, Grosvenor guests get American to themselves. In addition, Grosvenor provides some spectacular rainbow trout and lake trout fishing from a narrow spit of land that divides the two lakes.

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Guests can fish before breakfast or after dinner, often casting to lake trout that crash salmon fry on the surface. We also love the setting—Grosvenor consists of three rustic and quaint cabins, with shared, yet private bath facilities, plus a cookhouse and a main lodge. The buildings are part of a concession within the park and maintained for a historic feel. The guest cabins are sprinkled in tall, green grass and surrounded by beautiful birch and willows. Occasionally a bear or moose strolls through the grounds. Fishing is never farther than a two minute walk away. Small groups and families thrive here.

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