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Ross Reels Asks Fans to Name New Reel


Posing the question, “So Ross fans, we were sitting around in a brainstorming session and the topic of new reel names popped up. If you were going to name a new reel or fly rod, what would it be?” over … more

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Ross Announces Limited Edition Evolution Reel

Starting December 1st, Ross will make available a limited selection of their Evolution reel with a photographic Brown Trout finish. All reels will be custom engraved with a special edition number. Once the reels have been anodized, a photographic image … more

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Ross FS Series 9’-6” Fly Rods

For 2012, three new FS 9’-6” rods will be available in 5, 6, and 7 weights. They are medium to heavy action, and designed for big rivers. We could immediately sense the value for applications like European style nymphing, drift … more

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The 2012 Ross F1 #5 Fly Reel

The trend with many reel companies is to make a variation of an existing product line, call it a “Spey” reel. So it makes sense that Ross would do the same with its F1. The #5 is machined from 6061 … more

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Ross "Perfect Cast" Casting Aid

The Perfect Cast fly rod casting aid from Ross is a comfortable strap that easily attaches to your wrist and secures the butt end of your fly rod, eliminating the “loose wrist” problems that plague most fly casters. The casting … more

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Ross Adds Three New Switch Rods to Its Reach Spey Series


Ross will be adding three switch rod models to its Reach Spey Rod Series for 2011. The Reach spey rods were designed with the simple goal of producing a series of spey rods that will handle a full range of … more

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Ross Introduces F1 Fly Reels

After two years of development and testing, Ross will be introducing the F1 reel series for 2011. The F1 is a large arbor fly reel that is a complete departure from conventional thinking and incorporates several innovative features. more

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New Fly Rods from Ross

The new 4- piece Rx is Ross’s latest mid-priced fly rod series and it clearly won some fans at September’s IFTD show. The rods have a deep amber finish with silver accents, and the reel seat is carbon fiber with anodized-aluminum hardware. The Rx graphite design is a “fast-action progressive taper,” which the company says allows you to feel the rod load no matter what amount more

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