Joseph Jackson

Joseph Jackson is a social studies teacher by day and a fly fisherman the rest of the time. If he’s not on the water, he’s either pining for it or writing about it. He’s been published widely in the fly-fishing magazine world, where he and his wife, Emmie, also feature much of their photography. Joseph lives in Anchorage but part of his heart will always belong to the Wyoming he grew up in. He was last spotted at a gas station somewhere in the Last Frontier with a fly rod sticking out the back window. It’s Only Fishing is his first book.

Author Articles

Book Excerpt: "It's Only Fishing"

I didn’t really awaken the next morning. I’d been tossing and turning and yanking the sleeping bag past my head all night, and I eventually decided to stop fighting it and make the coffee. It was around five. Plenty early to beat the other campers. I ate granola drowned in milk, then I slid myself into cold, slimy waders. It was still raining when I...