Tippets: 20 Questions With Kara Armano, Gila Trout Return After Wildfire, The Bow and Arrow Cast

November 8, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • From thoughts on Calamity Jane to breaking front teeth, dolphins to her first tarpon on a fly, Kara Armano is witty, insightful, and as Christ Hunt puts it in her interview on Eat More Brook Trout, “the real deal.”
  • Aided by teams of pack-mules, biologists in New Mexico are returning Gila Trout to their native waters after relocation due to the Whitewater-Baldy Wildfire earlier this year.
  • Different waters call for different casts. And often the tight quarters of small streams necessitate a “bow and arrow” technique, demonstrated by Peter Kutzer on the Orvis Blog.