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Producer: Scumliner Media

Julie Arnold fishes a small Montana for brown trout using a rare and classic fiberglass rod, a Winston 7 1/2-foot #2/3 “Stalker.”

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  • Uncclefstop

    With the recent excitement about retro fiberglass rods I doug out the old Wright & McGill 6’6 fiberglass 5wt from the shed, the one with the metal ferules, mended guide, oxidation, and South Bend $8 click drag reel I bought around ’70. Amazing what fiberglass boat polish can do for the old oxidation, add some new line, and off to the local brookie hideout. Wow! this rod is more fun that many of the newer graphites. Talk about action, a 12″ brookie feels like a striper. This set up put a a smile on yo face. Perhaps an upgrade to a medalist sometime in the future?