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How to Tie a BPS Spent Caddis

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie the BPS Spent Caddis, a pattern authored by California fly tier Dennis Komatsu. He uses a Dai-Riki #300 hook in size 14 and black UTC 70 Denier thread.

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  • wayne sadowski

    HI Tim….Nice….As we discussed fish a spent caddis during the when Grannons are out all the time..will try this one… the Craig Matthews spent caddis pattern…. works well also ….

  • BH206L3

    I tie something similar but very very shaggy hare’s ear dubbing that I mix up myself, it started as an elk hair caddis with out the hackle and much sparser wing! became one of my most effective flies! I like this one, I tied a lot of effective flies with peacock herl bodies, it stands to reason this would work and out fish other patterns! I am certain that the sparse use of materials plays a big part of it! I think flies for the most part are way over dressed, noticed this years ago when a hare’s ear nymph, I would catch a lot more fish once its been chewed on some! I thought why not tie the fly like that in the first place? They say fly fishing is a thinking mans sport, I tend to think that saw has more that a bit of truth to it! The older I get, the more I like my flies to be quick to tie, from easily found material that is inexpensive and that is fairly durable! I will be adding this one to my box it will go along side the old coachman wet flies that I been fishing since I read about them in Outdoor life article by Joe Brooks!

  • John

    Why not tie in a strip of bright colored foam above, atop the wing to improve angle visibility? I’ll try it.

  • Unclefstop

    I tied a few of the BPS Spent Caddis in 14 & 16 a couple nights ago, easy tie. This afternoon some friends and I fished the Medomak River in Waldoboro, ME. There was no action for an hour as if no fish were in the river at all. We tried nymphs, streamers, Kastmasters, Joe’s spinners and Super Dupers to no avail. Then, around 3:30 rises began under a bridge. I went to a #14 Spent Caddis and immediately got hits and released 3 brown trout one of which was 15″. They’d hit the caddis as soon as it fluttered down to the water. This is a great fly! Thanks.