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Producer: Barry Reynolds

“Carpaholic” explores the urban waters of Denver, Colorado, where Barry Reynolds talks about what he’s learned and encourages others to try angling for “inland whales. Elitist fly fishers need not apply, scumdogs only.”

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  • Gofishinor

    Like the tunes, have never fished for carp. I would give it a try.

  • stlt

    what fly do you use?

  • A real good tease. Man when a carp takes a fly its like a train! A real trick setting the hook in that fleshy mouth.

  • Prairie Angler

    I started fly fishing for carp when I was fairly young- big strong fish but definitely not a fly rod fish so I didn’t tell any one. Almost all irrigation reservoirs have good populations of carp and no one is picking on them. When first hooked they run like a salmon for a new time zone and then when you’ve worked them back in and close, they fight like a REALLY big bass or catfish and bulldog on the bottom. They are spooky and I’ve seen them push a fly out of the way to get to a different food choice. Great Fish. Thanks Barry

  • boltfan

    I love Carp on the fly, especially the rare dry fly take