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Video Hatch: “Story of a Guide: Episode 1”

This short film features the story of Truckee River guide Matt “Gilligan” Koles. From Catch, Snap & Release.

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How to Tie the Klinkhamer Special

Tim Flagler ties the Klinkhamer Special, a classic imitation of an emerging insect that was authored by Hans van Klinken over 25 years ago.  With a few variations in color and size, this pattern can represent just about any emerger; in …

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Video Hatch: “Hoagy Carmichael Bamboo Rod Shop”

Legendary bamboo rodmaker Hoagy Carmichael recently donated his entire rodmaking shop to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. In this short video his son, Ben Carmichael, talks with Hoagy about his work and legacy.

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Video Hatch: “Casting a Lifeline”

This film features the work of Project Healing Waters in the words of participant and deputy regional coordinator First Sergeant Ira Strouse. Via Ford Go Further.

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Video Hatch: “Mono | Chrome”

This beautiful footage comes from an upcoming project from Bloodknots called “Our Two Hands.”

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How to Tie the Bugmeister

This week’s fly tying video features The Bugmeister, a pattern developed by Montana’s John Perry. “Tied in different colors and sizes, the Bugmeister can be used to represent a whole slew of insect species, or just think of it as a …

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Video Hatch: “Autumn Tailwaters”

Breaking away from city life, this group of friends has their priorities straight. View some beautiful country and good reflections in this short film from Matthew Novak.

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Video Hatch: “FlyFishing”

Simply titled and shot, this film beautifully shows the preparation and thought that goes into spending time on the water.

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Video Hatch: “Buccaneers and Bones: Season 5 Trailer”

The Outdoor Channel series Buccaneers & Bones is now in its fifth season and includes another star cast of anglers, including Jim Belushi and Jimmy Kimmel.

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Video Hatch: “Stranded”

Even while stranded during low tide, these folks are “still feeling good.” And with great redfishing, who wouldn’t be? Check out this great short film from Lowcountry Journal.

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