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Jerome Borda

Jerome Borda: “Based in the Basque Country, France, I am first and foremost a large-format nature photographer interested in documenting unique natural environments.

But I also have fished since the age of four, and fished flies since I was eleven. Don’t ask me why. It has always been like that. I have always been attracted to water, still or running, and the souls that live in it. I would be lost without my fishing.

The fishing can be excellent here in the Basque Country. But only excellent compared to French standards. The great runs of Atlantic salmon which made south west rivers famous are almost gone, and the average trout is 14 inches and brown. So no hogs here…. Just plain average brown trout, pike, perch, mackerel or mullet fishing at the foot of the french Pyrenees.”

All images copyright © 2018 Jerome Borda
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  • Absolutely beautiful photographs and strikingly different, especially the snake. Having grown-up in the swamps of Louisiana with hundreds of “cotton mouth” snake experiences (and not knowing much about the snakes of Europe), is this a European viper? I learned commercially crawfishing, that snakes love fish, and in my opinion, this snake is going for that free meal, trout. I now live in Italy and fly fish there. 

    • Jimdoherty11

      Where in Italy?  I am planning a vacation ther in July, going to Rome, Tuscany and north to Lake Como?  What fishing opportunities might I find?  Thank you!

    • Jerome Borda

      That is an adder. The only poisonous snake we have down here. It was quitely eating a juvenile rainbow fish farm escapee when I almost walked on it. It disapeared into the stream but 5 minutes later it was back to its prey, and that is when I took the picture.