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Video Hatch: “The Beginning”

For Colorado fishing guide Patrick Duke, the fall is the beginning of his own fishing season. This short film from Howler Brothers features Duke “heeding his own call after putting in the work.”

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Tippets: Best Flies for Panfish, DeYoung Washington Steelhead Plate

“Nothing puts the sizzle back in that poor overworked adjective ‘fun’ better than fly fishing for the freshwater pan-fishes of North America,” writes Skip Morris. For a good time on the water, don’t miss his top fly picks for targeting bluegill and other … more

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Patagonia Continues to Expand its Fair Trade Program for Fall 2016

For their Fall 2016 product lineup, Patagonia continues to expand their Fair Trade Program.  They’ve partnered with Fair Trade USA, an organization that has a well-established program for ensuring products are made in factories and farms where workers are safe, … more

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Video Hatch: “The North”

This short film features a week in Northern Norway, fishing gin clear rivers for Atlantic salmon. Via Black Fly Eyes.

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Tippets: The Great Trout Escape, Dry and Dropper Rigs

A cargo ship accident caused up to 80,000 farmed rainbow trout to be released into the sea in Denmark. “There are fears that the fish could disrupt the reproduction of other trout species,” and anglers are being urged to help … more

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Tippets: Upslope Brewing Supports Watersheds, FishFace Software, Rescuing Golden Trout, Facing Floods

Because snowmelt is always their first ingredient, Upslope Brewing Company responsibly supports the protection of local watersheds by donating 1% of the sales from their Craft Lager to Trout Unlimited.  A recent video highlights their conservation message and work. FishFace, a … more

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Video Hatch: “Western Linesides”

This footage from Pacific Extremes features the tugs and treasure of fishing California’s Surf Zone.

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Tippets: Atlantic Salmon of Russia’s Ponoi River, Fishing with Kids

Chris Santella writes about Russia’s Ponoi River, one of the last strongholds of Atlantic salmon on earth. “Here, at peak times of the run, anglers could anticipate eight or 10 fish in a day—and sometimes more. Numbers like these continue … more

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Changes in the AFFTA Board

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced changes to their board as well as a new executive committee. AFFTA welcomed new board members Lise Lozelle (Maven Fly), Brent Bauer (Umpqua) and Sam Lundgren (Backcountry Hunters & Anglers). Read more in the press release … more

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Video Hatch: “Slaying The Dragon”

This film from FlatsPirate Angling highlights the environmental issues facing Southwest Florida, while also tackling the human element at play: “The Beauty and The Beast of Nature.”

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