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Video Hatch: “Salmon fly fishing on Tornio River in Pello in Lapland”

This video from Travel Pello Lapland highlights salmon fly fishing in Lapland in Finland and in Sweden. 

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Video Hatch: “Fishing BC Presents: Swinging Flies for Salmon”

This short film features Yos Gladstone of Chromer Sport Fishing using two-handed rods and streamers to fish for salmon in the rivers near Squamish. Via Fishing B.C.

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Tippets: Fly Choice in Focus, Tips for Taking Release Photos

In a recent three-part series, “Fly Choice in Focus,” Paul Gaskell outlines how to get the most out of simple fly patterns. View Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3 via Discover Tenkara. From arm position when handling fish to … more

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Video Hatch: “Swing Season”

Sage ambassador Gray Struznik shares his passion for Northwest fisheries in this short film from Sage.

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Tippets: Social Media & Fly Fishing, Reading Water        

Has social media killed fishing? On a recent episode of The DrakeCast, listen to both sides of the argument over “the positive and negative impacts social media has had on flyfishing.” Listen here. From banks and back eddies to vegetation … more

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Tippets: Record Low Salmon in the Fraser, The Gar Wars, Fish Returning to the Sandy River   

It is estimated that a record low number of steelhead will return from the ocean to the Fraser River in 2017. “Mike Ramsay, assistant director of BC’s Fish and Game branch, said if management practices in the federally regulated commercial … more

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Video Hatch: “Anatomy of a Fishing Story”

In this short film, Jason Rolfe, Steve Duda, and Gregory Fitz reflect on the importance of writing in fly fishing, highlighting the kickoff of the Writers on the Fly Reading Series. Via Lost River Film Co.

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New Fly Fishing Books

Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers by Steven B. Schweitzer gives practical advice for crafting top water fly fishing lures. The book is divided into three comprehensive sections presenting methods, procedures and examples richly illustrated with over 800 full color photographs. … more

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Tippets: Spotting Trout in Murky Water, Tenkara Rod Test Reviews

Even if water level and clarity aren’t ideal, you can still find success on the water. Fish can be active and feeding in dirty water, and in this short video Dave Jensen demonstrates how to spot and target trout in murky … more

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Tippets: Trxstle Olympian Kickstarter, How To Make an Overhead Cast from RIO

Trxstle, a company based in Olympia, Washington, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help get their first flagship product off the ground. The Olympian is a telescoping car top carrier combined with a rod and reel case.  “The Olympian lets … more

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