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Tippets: Tying Preparation, Fishing Closures Urged in B.C.

Preparing materials and taking the time to pre-bead and de-barb hooks can significantly cut down your time at the tying bench. Check out Kent Klewein’s advice for tying twice the flies in half the time, via Gink & Gasoline. Conservationists … more

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Video Hatch: “Carp on the Fly: Los Angeles River”

The Los Angeles River is a gem hidden in urban sprawl and, as Ryan Anglin shows, a perfect place to fly fish for carp.

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New Research on Fish and Pain

Research recently published in the scientific journal Fish and Fisheries appears to settle the debate of whether fish are able to feel pain. “‘We are not diminishing the importance of welfare considerations for fish, but we do reject the view that … more

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Video Hatch: “Fly fishing: Hemsedal, Norway”

This short film from André Folkedal offers footage of fly fishing for brown trout, set in the beautiful landscape and rivers of Norway.

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Tippets: Interview with Russ Schnitzer, Tips for Terrestrials, California Steelhead

Copi Vojta interviews photographer Russell Schnitzer in a recent issue of The Flyfish Journal, covering everything from philosophy of the craft to film projects.  The conversation can also be read in full online. Terrestrial fly patterns aren’t just for summer. … more

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Video Hatch: “Hooké : Lac Du Mâle”

This film from Hooké features the search for monster pike in the waters of Northern Quebec.

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Tippets: Zimmerman on Carp Flies, C&R for Tiger Muskies

Jay Zimmerman, author of the recent book “Best Carp Flies, The: How to Tie and Fish Them,” talks about the evolution of carp fishing as well as the philosophy behind a well-tied fly in a recent podcast episode on The Itinerant … more

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Tippets: Fathers of Men, Fly Fishing Team USA Takes Silver, Out of a Jam

On a canoe and fly fishing trip to Le Petite Nord, Dave Karczynski finds that childhood fantasies govern adulthood ideals, and also lead him to good fishing and northern pike. Read the essay via Hatch Magazine. Fly Fishing Team USA … more

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Video Hatch: “The 11-Mile Challenge”

This short film features a group of anglers as they take on Trout Unlimited’s 11-Mile Challenge to raise awareness of the need to reconnect and revive struggling fish populations. Via #somestreamerchick and Flymen Fishing Co.

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Tippets: Chasing Salmonflies, DIY Tenkara Line Holder, Tracking Salmon

In Montana, salmonflies bring out the worst in people, writes Miles Nolte. But on the invite of an old friend, Nolte heads to the crowded waters he usually avoids, for an “anti-fishing trip.” Read more via Swallowtail Fly Fishing. Jason … more

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