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Video Hatch: “Telemark”

This short film features the beautiful landscape and fish of the Hardangervidda mountain range in Norway. Via Mayfly Fishing.

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Cheeky Fly Fishing Launches All-New Boost Reel Series

Cheeky Fly Fishing is bringing three new reel designs to the market with their “Boost” reel series, which combines “incredible performance, good looks and great value,” says owner Ted Upton. Read more in the press release below.

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GPSs Used to Monitor Drought in the West

Scientists are using a network of Global Positioning System (GPS) stations throughout the western United States, which were originally intended for early earthquake detection, to show vanishing water supplies and the impact of drought upon the landscape. “All of a … more

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Scientific American on Saving the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

In the early 1980s “bucket biologists” released lake trout into Yellowstone Lake, which set in motion the collapse of native cutthroat populations in Yellowstone National Park and has severely impacted the entire ecosystem, from streambanks to grizzly bear populations. But … more

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Video Hatch: “Tidal Roots Early Morning SUP Fishing”

This short film features quiet, early morning water and the one-of-a-kind watercraft of Maine-based Tidal Roots.

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Tippets: Grippy Aluminum Bars, Search for Native Sierra Trout, Tenkara Gains Ground

In a recent post on “Fly Talk,” Kirk Deeter looks into aluminum bars on the soles of wading boots, their benefits and drawbacks as well. Via Field & Stream. California’s drought is hitting trout populations hard. Amber Manfree, researcher with … more

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ARC Fishing Launches New Tippet, Fly Line and Leader Series

Kansas-based ARC, The Angling Research Company (ARC), has announced its first product lineup, which includes high performance fly lines, tippet and leaders. Read more in the press release below. 

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Return of the Greenbacks

A DNA study published in 2012 revealed the greenback cutthroat trout that had been stocked in Colorado were actually hybridized with other cutthroat trout species, and only one pure-strain greenback population still existed, in Bear Creek near Colorado Springs. Since … more

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Tippets: Idaho Sockeye Recovery, Patagonia’s “DamNation,” Top Ten Redfish Flies

New efforts in Idaho are being concentrated on addressing threats to the sockeye salmon population in the Snake River. Patagonia has long been known for their environmental and corporate responsibility. And their recent self-financed and award-winning environmental documentary, “Dam Nation,” … more

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Video Hatch: “Spinner Fall”

This short film from Joe Cummings has spectacular footage rising trout on the Bitterroot River in Montana.

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