WSJ: It’s Bugs Vs. Sexy Megafauna in California

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Justin Scheck writes about the heated debate surrounding the restoration of Paiute cutthroat trout to a nine-mile stretch of the Silver King Creek in the Sierra Nevada wilderness.  “‘They’re nutty people,’ says ichthyologist Robert Behnke, a retired Colorado State University professor and expert on North American trout who calls the bug advocates ‘obstructionists.'”

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  • Doubledok

    It seems simple to  me – maybe it is too simplistic a view, but – why not scoop out representative samples of resident water bug larvae, pupae, and nymphs that occupy the gravel layer (with their gravel) and secure in a rotenone free zone? Before the trout are seeded into the water, re-establish the invertabrates at intervals along the tract. One could even place fish-proof gravel sceens over the patches to limit depopulation. –

  • Gofishinor

    The bugs and fish will do fine. Restore all native fish whereever possible. There other ways to get rid of non-native fish so the bugs will live on. Take the bugs out, breed em and put em back in. Wish Colorado would do more!!