"Dreefees:" Fishing Dream Food

“Most kids have a special stuffed animal, ratty blanket or dog-eared book they take to sleep with them – and a lot of kids, lacking this talisman, go berserk and scream themselves to sleep. Bill Bob had no one special talisman: Bill Bob had dreefees. None of us ever quite figured out the etymology of that word, but when I asked him years later Bill Bob thought it might be an amalgamation of ‘dream’ and ‘feed’ – food for dreams you might say.” David James Duncan, The River Why
High school English teacher and fly fisher Jeff Lund considers the utility of “dreefees” — a word coined by Duncan in his now-famous book: “While cleaning I found a size 3 Street Walker from my Oregon fishing disaster. Well, it wasn’t a disaster, but we didn’t catch any fish. Anyway, it’s a pretty fly with purple and black secured to a black hook and reminded me of the good time fishing, regardless of the results.” In the Manteca (Georgia) Bulletin.

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  • I am currently reading The River Why and I love it. What a great book. I love Bill Bob and his dreefees. The scenes where he is explaining them to Gus are my favorite. And the fact that Gus uses the technique himself with success. Makes me want to find dreefees of my own.