The Book of Tarpon Online

Among the gems that turned up on Chrystal Murray’s new blog for tarpon nuts is a link to a recently digitized version of A. W. Dimock’s The Book of Tarpon (Frank Palmer/Red Lion Court, 1912, 228 pages). While you can download a .pdf file for printing (click “Print Details” on the right), the quality of the online version is excellent. Even paging through the book to see the photos is worth several minutes of your time.
Thanks to Delaney Press you can now also buy a paperback version of The Book Of Tarpon on Amazon. Or you can drop around $300 on a used hardback copy.

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  • Dear Marshall,
    Thank you for the blog mention! The site is in it’s infancy, but am hoping other tarpon enthusiasts around the world pick it up and contribute; art, literature, photography, video, fishing and of course, scientific research.
    Yes, “The Book of Tarpon” is a great work, but more amazing is the adventure Dimock experienced with his son as the photographer…right here on our Florida coast and all in paddleboats!
    Tight tarpon lines and mahalo,