Fish Watching on B.C.'s Stave and Cowichan Rivers

November 1, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

One of the pleasures of spending lots of time fishing is that it eventually turns almost all of us into “fish watchers.” Many of my most memorable fishing days have been about the spectacle of some macro-event — giant herds of permit, clouds of palolo worms, blizzards of black caddis and rises filling one hundred yards of river. Right now, in British Columbia, the salmon spawn is in full swing and provides even those without rod and reel a chance to get a glimpse of what makes our sport so entrancing. Jack Christie writes about the salmon crowding the Stave and Cowichan Rivers on Straight.com, noting that easy access is provided by several trails: “Trestle 66 is an ideal place to connect with the Cowichan by either heading upriver or downriver on foot or bike. Even if you only walk from the parking lot to the bridge high above the river, pause here. The North Side Walking Trail is an inviting stretch of single track that leads upstream for five kilometres to Skutz Falls.”