Tying an October Caddis

Producer: Tim Flagler

Matt Grobert ties a pattern that’s relevant to fall fishing all over the U.S., the October Caddis.  As videographer Tim Flagler points out, “The adults are large, typically size 10s and 12s, and in real life are just the most spectacular shade of orange.” The insect Grobert’s pattern imitates is the spectacular pumpkin-colored adult caddis that emerges in the late afternoon, evening, or early morning beginning in September and running right through October, to just before truly cold weather.

As Matt says: “The October caddis is the ‘Isonychia of caddis hatches’ in that it is a large insect that hatches sporadically, and the trout become accustomed to their presence for about two, autumn-colored months of the year.”