Tying an October Caddis

Producer: Richard Strolis

October Caddis hatches are close in relation to some of the larger mayflies like Drakes and Hexes in that they are often known for bringing larger trout into the upper part of the water column.  If you hit one of these events on the head it can be very rewarding.  This particular pattern is very versatile and can be fished dead drift, swung on a semi tight line or even retrieved like a streamer.  Find the most useful method during this emergence and you should strike gold.

Hook:  Dohiku S or Similar 2-3x Long Hook, Size 10-6.
Thread:  UTC 140 Burnt Orange
Underbody:  Lead or Lead-Free Wire
Body:  Hareline Trilobal Dubbing
Collar:  Brahma Hen
Antenna:  Buggy Nymph Legs
Head:  Whitlock SLF Dub