Tippets: Of Bones and Birds, Ten Tips for Musky on the Fly, Fighting for Fishing Hats, Project FishRun

October 9, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Sometimes it takes flocks of birds, new water, and a beat up shrimp fly to show you something you already knew, as Davin Ebanks finds after “walking a country mile.”
  • Musky on the fly is no easy feat. It takes lots planning, time, and mental fortitude. But if this “fish of ten-thousand casts” is your goal, check out Kip Vieth’s ten tips on the Orvis blog.
  • “Because stale, pale beer is en vogue with the fly shop boys now,” the PBR hat can go, writes Kirk Deeter, on cleaning out closets and fighting for good fishing hats.
  • Started in Kymijoki, Finland, Project FishRun is centered on the idea that entertainment can also be educational.  Based on a research program studying salmon via attached radio transmitters with the goal of learning more about these near extinct stocks and their spawning migrations, Project FishRun raises funds as well as awareness.

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