“Walmart Fly Fishing Challenge”

Producer: Hardman Fishing Adventures

“I know a lot of content creators have done Walmart challenges in the past, but not many have done a Walmart Challenge with a fly rod! In this video I went to Walmart, bought some cheap equipment, and went fishing in a highly pressured body of water to prove a point: Fly Fishing Doesn’t Have to Be Elite!! I spent less than $100 and got more than enough equipment to catch some beautiful wild brown trout.

The purpose of this video is to show someone new to fly fishing an easy way to get started (Fly Fishing 101). If you’re an experienced fly fisherman then maybe this video isn’t for you… or maybe you’ll watch it and remember what it was like to get started into the sport that we love so much. I think nowadays people get so caught up in the gear that they forget the reason they fly fished in the first place.”