Using UV Cure Resins

UV cure resins are available from a variety of manufacturers.  There are different viscosities, from watery thin to very thick. Some cure hard while others remain flexible. Some are even available in a range of colors.

For the best results it’s important that the correct UV torch be used for curing the resin. Some are simply more powerful than others. Some use slightly different wavelengths of UV light, and some even incorporate a pulse feature for better curing.

To apply the resin I like to place a small amount on a sticky pad, then use my bodkin as an application tool. This gives me more accuracy in terms of both quantity and placement. The great thing about using cured resin is that there’s no rush. When you’re ready, cure it by shining light from the UV torch on the entire coated area for 15 to 20 seconds. In that time most quality resins will harden to tack-free touch without sagging.

The uses for UV resins in fly-tying are many, from building up a glossy head on the fly to coating the entire body for enhanced durability, even posting a wing on a parachute pattern.