Tying a Magic Caddis

Producer: Richard Strolis

Rich Strolis: “This is my other favorite caddis pupa pattern, also very simple yet much more flashy. I converted this into a weighted pupa for Czech or Polish nymphing by adding the tungsten bead. This fly is very easy to tie and is just another alternative to my Classified Caddis Pupa, is much flashier and draws attention to itself much more readily as a result. This fly is probably as durable as the other, as the ribbing material makes the fly bomb-proof, and in a pinch you can trim the wing off, clip some of the body and you have a fly that does double-duty as a caddis larva. If you want to add more weight to the fly to be used as an anchor in a Czech or Polish nymph rig, just add some flat or round lead wire to the underbody.”


Hook: TMC 2487 or Equivalent Scud or Grub Hook Size 18-8
Bead: Tungsten or Copper
Thread: UTC 140
Body: Ice Dub
Rib: Stretch Magic
Wing: Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Collar: Hares Ear

Rich Strolis started fishing at an early age in western Massachusetts. By the age of 11 he was introduced to fly fishing and fly tying and never looked back. Rich has been guiding for nine seasons now as well as professionally tying and selling some of his unique fly patterns, which have appeared in several fly fishing publications. To see more of Rich’s work visit his Web site at www.catching-shadows.com.