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DVD Review: “European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach”

by Anthony Naples
Fly Fishing Clayton Stewart“Swell.” Photo Clayton Stewart

FLY FISHING IN NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Tie on a fly, put it in front of a fish, detect the strike, hook the fish and land the fish. That’s all there is to it. Really. Though Aaron Jasper may not put it in exactly those words, that’s the underlying message that I get from his European Nymphing video series. In this second video of the series, “European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach,” Aaron Jasper takes us to the river to apply the European nymphing techniques that he detailed in “European Nymphing – Techniques and Fly Tying.”

“European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach” takes the angler through a seasonal cycle of the trout stream and illustrates where to find fish and how to apply European nymphing techniques to various real-life situations. In the video’s ten chapters, Jasper addresses angling scenarios from the high and muddy water of early season, to mid-season pocket water, to low-water summer trout fishing. At the beginning of each chapter Jasper shows the gear, set-up and flies for the particular scenarios he’ll be fishing. Then he takes us to the river and methodically works the water, pointing  out where to cast and why. Along the way he describes which flies and nymphing techniques he’s executing, and the focus, generally, is on how to read the water and locate fish lies in a variety stream locations (pools, pocket water, etc.) and under various flow conditions. All the while Jasper keeps it simple, often emphasizing the limited fly selection that he utilizes.

A word about what this DVD is not is in order. “European Nymphing – A Strategic Approach” is not a comprehensive European nymphing course by itself. Its focus is on teaching the angler how to find fish and how to present the flies. There is some discussion of the mechanics of European nymphing methods and rigging but not in a comprehensive way. Also there are no instructions for tying the nymph patterns that Jasper uses. However, the first video in the series, “European Nymphing – Techniques and Fly Tying,” does cover in detail everything that the aspiring European style nymph fisherman needs to know including short-line Czech and Polish techniques; long-line French and Spanish techniques; leader construction; and step-by-step instructions for tying Jasper’s go-to nymphs.

Jasper is an enthusiastic instructor and throughout these videos his love of fly fishing and teaching is apparent. He wants us to learn how to be a better nymph fisherman, and he wants to make it simple. It is that simplicity that may be most surprising to many anglers. Jasper’s techniques, tackle and fly selection are very easy to digest. Though “A Strategic Approach” may be taken on its own, the angler would do better to watch both videos in the series. Taken together, the two videos in the European nymphing series provide an excellent and thorough introduction for the beginner and more experienced angler alike.

The Aaron Jasper European Nymphing DVDs can be purchased at the Trout Predator Online Store.

Aaron Jasper is a third grade teacher, owner of Fly Fishing Evolution guide service, published author, and the co-founder of He has spent the last three years gathering every tiny bit of information on European Nymphing techniques he could get his hands on.

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Anthony Naples took up fly fishing 20-yrs ago while attending Penn State, in the heart of one of the East's best fly fishing regions. In addition, the last few years he's been devoted to learning and spreading the word on tenkara. You can read more at his blog
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