Relentless Pursuit – Capt Jack Productions Fly Fishing Film Tour ‘20 Trailer

Producer: Capt Jack Productions

“An individuals’ ability to pursue his dream is only limited by his own passion to go after it. The founder of Capt Jack Productions, Jako Lucas, is well known for going on some crazy adventures all over the globe in the hope of introducing the fly fishing community to a new location or species. The need to create a dream for young fly fishermen is what propels him to explore the uncharted waters. It is with this spirit that Jako spent 2019 traveling over 125 000 miles exploring the corners of Cameroon, the dark waters of Africa, the Amazon jungle, and almost everything in between. When Jako is home he makes time to spend guiding on the Texas coast. Look through the lens and join Jako on this discovery and journey alongside him on these 2019 adventures.”