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Patagonia’s 2011 Rio Gallegos Waders

Producer: MidCurrent

In addition to redesigning their Guidewater and Watermaster waders for 2011 (see below), Patagonia has unveiled the brand new Rio Gallegos waders. This versatile and durable wader features a new EZ Lock Slider suspension system that is exclusive to Patagonia. Designers also paid special attention to the keeping anglers’ feet warm. The patent-pending merino-wool-lined neoprene booties are 90 percent warmer than traditional neoprene booties, the company says. The Rio Gallegos waders also have removable neoprene knee pads, a unique, fully submersible welded TPU pocket, and strategically placed exterior leg tape for added durability at critical wear points. The fabric on this wader is a 3-layer polyester microfiber shell with a proprietary waterproof/breathable barrier that is highly durable and puncture-resistant.

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