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Jack Gartside Fly Fishing

“Fly Tying Legend Jack Gartside, Forever a Boy”

Fly tying legend Jack Gartside profiled by Chuck Kraemer of PBS's Greater Boston in 2004.
RIO Fly Lines - How They Are Made

How RIO Makes a Fly Line

RIO filmed the steps of their private manufacturing process, from choosing cores to mixing plastisol coatings to cutting skeins.

Interview with Russell Chatham, Part I

AJ Scaff, who was Russell Chatham's "handyman and frame builder," sat down with the artist and fly fisher to record him talking about his life, his art, and his passion for fly-fishing. Part One.

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Interview with Russell Chatham, Part II

AJ Scaff, Russell Chatham's "handyman and frame builder," sat down with the artist and fly fisher to record him talking about his life, his art, and his passion for fly-fishing. Part Two.

Video Hatch (Humor): “San River Snake Surrender Cast”

The gentlemen from Jazz & Fly Fishing turn their JazzCam on to capture the ever-popular "Snake Surrender Cast," which we'll no doubt be seeing on American rivers next season.

Mid-September on the Green

Trever Wilson and friends float the Green River.

“Tempest Milky Way”

"Storm and star shots" by Randy Halverson, filmed in South Dakata during the months of June - August, 2011.

“Doc of the Drakes”

"What does fly fishing mean to you, and why? What makes a day on the water waving long skinny strands of graphite rewarding? How many fish do you need in the net to call the day a success?"

New Orleans Preview

Waterline Media delivers wintertime footage of fly fishing for redfish and black drum in the marshes of Louisiana.

“Extreme Fishing Alaska”

Zach King, a film student in Los Angeles, CA, sent us this video that he produced while on a recent trip to Alaska. No fly rods present, just a young guy with camera skills and an eagerness to catch flying salmon.

“Shadowcasting in Bartelva” (Humor)

Nevermind that he catches a fish.  The only thing that matters to this "shadowcaster" is that his Funky Chicken Swordfighting and Cowboy Rodeo 360 Behind the Head Jousting styles look good.

“Give That Man a Bells!”

The new Bells Whiskey commercial, shot in Cape Town, South Africa.


Julie Arnold fishes a small Montana for brown trout using a rare and classic fiberglass rod.

“Metalhead” Trailer

Trailer for the full-length DVD "Metalhead" produced by Angling Exploration Group.


"Carpaholic" explores the urban waters of Denver, Colorado, as Barry Reynolds talks about what he's learned and encourages others to try angling for "inland whales."

“Stripped Verity”

Videographer Simon Perkins chooses the rod as the subject of a thoughtful distillation of the sport of fly fishing.

“A Year in the Business”

Ben Paull's short video captures "A Year in the Business."

“Trout Bum Reverie”

A video short from Sharptail Media, shot in northern Patagonia with guide Diego Oliver in March of 2011, describes fly fishing as "not a hobby."

Bonefish Open-Water Spawning

A new video shows pre-spawning behaviors in bonefish, as they breach the water's surface at pre-spawning aggregation sites.

Thomas McGuane in “Trout Grass”

Author and fly fisher Thomas McGuane ties flies and discusses the merits of bamboo rods with fellow author David James Duncan.

“Kate and Mark”

RA Beattie's short film about the relationship between Alaskan guide Mark Rutherford and his daughter Kate is one of the first of the young filmmaker's high-quality productions.

“Rivers of a Lost Coast”

Relive the the magic of the early Russian River and be introduced to Bill Schaadt, one of the most memorable anglers the world has ever seen.

Orvis Product Designer Steve Hemkens on Tarpon

David Mangum's video contains includes spectacular footage and insightful commentary from Steve Hemkens, Orvis's creative young product development specialist.