Montauk Albies: Fall Fly Fishing for False Albacore

Producer: Sergio Diaz

“Montauk inshore action in the fall is amazing and an awesome destination for fly and light tackle angler. It’s the time of the year when striped bass, bluefish and false albacore all converge to feast on massive amounts of bait fish as they exit our bays on their southerly migration. But if there is one fish that is the most northeast fly anglers obsess over, it has to be the false albacore or albie as we lovingly call them.

These powerful speed demons when hooked will get you into your backing before you can realize what just happened. That is of course if your line clears the guides without an incident, often knots and tangles will cost you a fish during the mayhem that occurs when you cast to fast moving albies. This video focuses on fly fishing for albies and the amazing sights that can be found in Montauk and hope it gets you going for the coming season.”