How to Tie the Orange Shrimp

Producer: Geoff Johnston

This fly, which I’ve always known as my ‘Orange shrimp’ is one of my favourite grayling bugs. After checking my fishing diary I discovered that I’ve been using this fly since about the year 2000, so it’s managed to hold it’s place in my fly box for about 20 years.
It’s been a very productive fly for me over the years, especially in October and November.

Hook: Sizes 10 & 12 – Kamasan B110 or Similar
Weight: 1mm strip of Veniard Adhesive Lead Foil
Shellback Rib: 4lb Monofilament
Shellback : Approx. 4mm strip of Orange Flexibody
Abdomen Rib: Orange Rainbow Thread or Gold Wire
Abdomen: Orange Superfine Dubbing
Hot Spot: Glo-Brite No. 4
Thorax: Hare’s Ear/Pearl Ice Dub Mix

My name is Geoff Johnston. I am a full-time fly-fishing guide and tutor on the River Eden and it’s tributaries. I also guide and teach on lakes in the Lakes District like Ullswater and Haweswater. For more information check out my website at http://www.theedenangler.co.uk/.