How to Tie the Last Walt’s

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “I start with a Dai-Riki #285 in a size 16. After mashing the barb, I’ll get hold of a black 7/64” Cyclops bead. Place the bead onto the hook, small hole first, and push the bead all the way up to behind the hook eye. You can then get the assembly firmly secured in the jaws of your tying vise.

.02 round lead-free wire contributes to the weight and helps to build up the body of the fly. Plunger-style hackle pliers make it easy to get the wire started on the hook shank. You can then make 8 or so wraps before breaking the wire off. By the time you get the tail end squared away, you should be left with 10 or so wraps shoved well up into the back of the bead.”