How to Tie the Laser Legal

Kelly Galloup: “This isn’t a really well-known fly, yet it’s an offshoot of the Barely Legal which is on the Madison and a lot of rivers, and on the White they call it their Savior. The Barely Legal and the regular Conehead… for sure for us it’s our number one fly for numbers of fish. Not necessarily the biggest fish, but man it’s a confidence builder… I mean it’s so good and I really didn’t have a reason to try to change it but I wanted something a little bit more Stickleback, dace-ish, smaller juvenile white fish style fly a little finer profile yet than even that one, and so I came up with this one.

It’s called the Laser Legal because I use Senyo’s Laser Dub in it for the back. And so this one’s a little sparse. We’re gonna do one here that’s just slightly heavier than this one. I’m going to use first what I use.  For hooks it’s a B10S size 6 front. It’s got a 3/16 black tungsten countersunk.  And the back hook is a 2460 number 4.  I think I’ve seen a couple commercial patterns where they use longer hooks in the front. I don’t like that. I like that short and I think that makes a difference in the way this thing floats and fishes.  I do a lot of jigging with this. So a lot of times I say you got a lot of freedom on your hooks, but on this one I really like the B10S length and shape of the hook.

The body is Pearl Ice Dub. This is a stacked fly, stack bottom stack top, it just continues through and you end up with five stacks….”