How to Tie the Copper John

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tim Flagler ties the popular Copper John, a pattern authored by John Barr in the mid-1990s.

John Barr writes about the history and tying of the original Copper John on MidCurrent: “In the first version, I wrapped natural-colored copper wire on the hook shank to form the abdomen. Because the fly had no underbody, the abdomen didn’t have any taper. The original pattern’s tail and legs were Hungarian partridge and the thorax was wrapped peacock herl with an epoxied turkey quill wing case. I first saw epoxy used to coat wing cases years ago on a Hal Jansen’s Callibaetis nymph pattern. The epoxy may give off a little glow that many emerging nymphs and pupae exhibit. I do not know if the epoxy makes the fly more effective, but it sure gives the fly curb appeal.”