How to Tie the Cable Tie Craw

Producer: Tim Flagler

Says tier and videographer Tim Flagler of the Cable Tie Craw: “My inspiration for this pattern came from a friend of mine, Bill Ninke, who showed me a pattern he’d used on western ponds with a good bit of success. What really caught my attention with Bill’s pattern was its hook, made by the folks at Do-It who are probably best known for the wide variety of molds they produce. They have a large size 2 hook that works well for bass and the like, but for trout patterns I like the smaller size 6.

Start by mashing the hook barb. For weight, I’m going to use a 5/32” black nickel bead which I thread small hole first onto the hook. Once you get the hook firmly secured in your tying vise, make sure the bead drops all the way down to just behind the hook eye.”